How to Impress Your Date

So you have , and now you are a little nervous about meeting her as she is attractive and you have never been with a girl like her before. You must be curious as to what you can do to impress your date. Well, you do not really have to worry about putting an effort to impress her as you are paying her for the service, but if you really want to take a few extra steps, then these tips will help you with it.

Clear of payments ASAP

Take care of the payments and deals before you meet so that you can avoid wasting time from your scheduled hour. Try to finish off the deals as quick as you can to save her time as well as yours. Keep her fees ready in a neat envelope and keep it next to the washroom sink or somewhere where she can find it easily. Do not hand her the money and be respectful in making the payments. Always address it as a gift rather than money, and she will appreciate your gesture.

Offer to write her a review

You can be a gentleman and ask her if she would like to get reviewed on her website. Keep your review sweet and simple. Try to point out her personality, rather mentioning the sex part. Explain about the good moments that you spent together and appreciate her time and effort. Take her advice on what she wants to get reviewed for. This will generate interest in her to sit next to you and find out what you are writing about her.

Bring a gift

Apart from the fee that you have to pay her, you can also bring her more gifts to make your evening more romantic. You can offer her flowers and a bottle of wine which you can celebrate with later. It is the oldest trick in the book of impressing a girl. Treat her well and respect her like a normal person. She will make sure that she appreciates this extra effort from your side.

Do not force overtime

Spend the time you have paid for and never overspend the time with her. Also, do not force her to spend time with you. Her time plays an important role in her job as she gets paid for the time she spends with you. If you ask her for extra time, it is same as asking for a free service. Do not force her to stay more than what you discussed before. Leave on or before time like a gentleman, and she will wait for you to meet again the next time. Also, It will leave the impression that you are a busy person which will impress her more than anything else.