How to Make the Moments Last Longer with an Escort

Dating an escort is nothing less than a fantasy come true as an intimate company of such beautiful women can be impossible for many men. The entire experience can be pretty exciting for men, and things might get hot enough for them to have premature ejaculation. This is a pretty common cause with the newcomers as they experience more than they expected. The escorts know how to step on the right nerves of men, and if you do not have the control over it, you will not last long. Knowing that there is a beautiful woman with an incredible body will definitely make your night is more than enough to make your blood pump faster. So how do you control your excitement and make the moments last longer? Here are a few tricks to help you with it.

It is okay to come early

In this case, ejaculating early will not affect your image in any way as the escorts will not mind at all. Make sure to use a condom when you have sex, and it is up to you to get the rush. There are no limits to the number of orgasms you can get in your booked timings. The escort will help you get back to business if there is plenty of time left. You can even spend the first time cuddling and talking with your escort for the rest of the time if you came too early.

Grow your style

Sex with an escort is not like a quick task that you need to accomplish. It is meant for your pleasure and satisfaction. You can take your time and slow down your momentum so that you can enjoy the moments rather rushing into orgasm. You can take breaks in-between if you want to last longer. Your control over your style will grow with time, and you might even be at your best on your second date with the escort.

Control your breathing

Breathing can help in controlling you if you practice to slow it down. When you breathe slowly during sex, you can feel the excitement rise. Breathing can alternate the impulses and blood flow of the body and controlling it can be a great way to control your excitement so that you can enjoy the moments better.

Masturbate before she visits

When you masturbate and reach orgasm, the body takes longer to reach the same state again. You can shake it off once before your escort arrives to be much relaxed during your session. Even if your body does not want a second round, your mind will always be ready as you know that you will have a longer session with your escort. You can also have foreplay during the second session which will give you a hard-on during the entire time, so you can enjoy the most out of your moments.