How To Learn About Fetishes

There are more fetishes available in the world than there are sexual positions for MMF 3 sums! Everyone develops their own fetishes over time, and many fetishes are just thoughts which pass away after a certain age. The mainstream fetishes like bondage and something with the feet are sometimes talked about. But there are even weirder to even discuss with someone. So how does one unravel their journey of fetishes when there are no sources to learn from? Well, there actually are plenty of ways that you can learn about fetishes, and we would recommend that you explore these fetishes with your partner to make things interesting and prevent it from getting awkward. Here are a few ways you can learn about different fetishes.

Sex books

Fifty Shades of Grey is not the only book which talks about sexual desires and fetishes. There are plenty of fictitious and non-fictitious novels which can give you a lot of information about weird fetishes. You can either buy books from the famous writes who have written about sex, or you can check out the internet to find some good articles on fetishes.


We are not encouraging you to watch porn, but it does have enough information about all kinds of fetishes that you can imagine. Even though it is not the right sex-ed advice for you, it can be a demo source to all kinds of fetishes that exist, so you do not have to spoil your brain in imagining them. Keep this option for the last as this can also result in porn addiction which is highly dangerous for a learning mind.

Anonymous chats

You can join one of the several anonymous chat platforms and share your fetishes with someone else. You might learn something new from someone who is more expert than you. Chatrooms like Omegle can be your start to exploring the fetishes of people from around the world.

Talk to a professional

You can always take advice from a sex expert and learn about the fetishes and how to do them correctly. If you have any fetishes in your mind, you can ask the sex expert about it and if it is natural and okay to practice it. You do not have to feel embarrassed about sharing your fetishes as they are there to help you. Your information will always be kept a secret, and you will receive the right advice with the fetishes that you like.

Hire an escort

You can visit an escort service and ask for the fetishes which they offer. You can try out different fetishes one by one with an escort to experience how it feels. When you are with an escort, you are actually learning about the fetishes practically instead of reading books and hearing about it from someone which is the best way to learn about it.